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New: All masks have metal buckles
Until the air is clear . . .
Same mask, different filter.
The I Can Breathe!®
Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter Mask
See ICB masks on CNN & NY Times for travel
and elite athletes in Beijing airport  Doctor's review

Beijing air beyond hazardous
I Can Breathe!® Silk Comfort Mask

©I Can Breathe! Inc/ Hannah Bledstein
Particles: Pollen, Dust, Mold
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"The silk mask worked great! I used my silk comfort mask for an hour of lawn mowing today, it's the first time in years I was able to mow without having to reach for my rescue inhaler. Thanks. Donald M. Lahti"

Masks are designed in Hyde Park and sewn in Chicago, IL, USA, US Patent 5,701,892

I Can Breathe! Inc/ Hannah Bledstein
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Lace Masks

Check your air quality:
Reduce exposure to wildfire smoke

Protection from volcanic ash, "VOG"
"Aloha, I have been wearing your mask regularly while walking around in Kailua-Kona. VOG gives us moderate pollution most of the time. Add clouds of tobacco smoke and it gets hazardous. Your mask abates these nuisances really, really well. I can breathe easily with the mask on. Your product really is miraculous. Robbie"

I Can Breathe!®
I Can Breathe!® Honeycomb
AC Filter Sport Kit
Exhalation Valves.

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Anti-Pollution Masks filter
particles & chemicals

Avoid Ozone for Health
Designer's Experience
Do you live in a
US Most Polluted City?

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 I Can Sleep...™ Eye Shade
comfortably eliminates light.  Dark blue soft organic cotton, compact and lightweight with adjustable ear loops. 
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I Can Breathe! Inc/ Hannah Bledstein
Silk Lined Cold Weather Mask
Mask comes in a variety of colors.
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"I love this thing!  The Cold Weather Mask from I Can Breathe! Masks allows you to breathe freely while walking, and the air you inhale is warmed as it passes through the mask.  It works perfectly." Kim

©I Can Breathe! Inc/ Hannah Bledstein

 I Can Breathe!  I Can Breathe!®  Organic Cotton Mask
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See NY Times photo by Thilde Jensen
"Claire with her sons, allergic not only to the manufactured world but to nature itself. Ithaca, N.Y., 2010"

Organic Cotton Mask with Activated Bamboo Carbon

I Can Breathe! Inc. designs comfortable quality, latex free, reusable, washable face masks that reduce exposure to airborne particles and irritants and are cost effective.  Quick and easy to put on, masks seal with adjustable ear loops and invisible nose bar.

Invented by one who needs masks. Since 1995, sewn in Chicago, IL, USA.  Relief from pollution, dust, and cold. Particle Sizes Filtered

         I Can Breathe!® Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)

The ICB anti-pollution mask is a favorite for international travel or at home. Reduce exposure to: sootair pollution, smog, smoke from wildfires or wood burning, fragrances, diesel fumes, printer ink and toner, volcanic ash and smaller particles, acrylic nail polish. See what's in your air now. Effective for MCS, new car smells, peanut protein, cycling.  Particles Filtered  Chemicals adsorbed  Odors filtered   Secure online purchase.  

I Can Breathe!®  Silk Comfort Mask    

People "love" the light weight, breathable silk mask for
pollen, grass, dust, dander, mold, fungi, latex and other particles. Cat lovers wear silk while cleaning litter box.   Secure online purchase.  

I Can Breathe!® Cold Weather Silk Lined Mask:
Doctor recommended.  Comfortable, light weight, hands are free to ski, carry packages, walk dog, or play in the snow.  Sport fans stay warm and cheer.   
Winter biking.      Secure online purchase adult or child 3 to 9 years old.

Other ways to purchase I Can Breathe! Masks see To Order or Retail Outlets  

For information call toll free in the USA: 1-888-313-0123 or 1-773-643-1062 (IL & Canada residents), 9a-5p, CST, Mon-Fri International call: 001-773-643-1062. Or click here for E-mail.

Comfortable masks are sewn with luxurious fabrics by experts in Chicago, IL, U.S.A.  Latex free.

Each type of mask was created, tested and is worn by the designer who is sensitive to cold, fragrances, diesel fumes, gas fumes, smoke, chlorine, formaldehyde, dust, mold, dander, latex, germs, eucalyptus trees and derivatives.  An educator and writer, Adrien designed the masks out of desperation to improve her own quality of life, to revive her creativity (Getting Well), and to be free to travel.  Disclaimer  

Brand name:  "'Now that I can breathe, I can...' I heard myself saying, again and again, about each activity I had to avoid before I designed these masks," says Adrien.   Customers agree.

Disclaimer: Any information on this web site should not to be taken as medical or legal advice. It is up to the individual with a healthcare provider to decide what works for you.

Please Note: Masks are very personal items and therefore non-refundable unless defective. There is no try-out period for masks.

News: I Can Breathe! Inc. was honored in Spring 2001 as "a company to watch" on the path to becoming an Inner City 100 business by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, founded by Harvard Professor Michael Porter.

If you are concerned about avian flu see:  

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