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For a definitions of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and resources see  Environmental Health Network,  Our Little Place, The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation, and Chemical Injury Information Network.

MCS in the news: See Todd Hymas's article in Grist an environmental magazine. We quote:  "recent surveys by the Chemical Injury Information Network, a nonprofit education and advocacy organization for people with chemical sensitivities, found that avoidance of problem chemicals was the only consistently effective treatment."   Until the air is clear of noxious chemicals, I Can Breathe! Inc. was founded and is dedicated to making avoidance possible, comfortable, and convenient. We are continually researching and developing products for effective avoidance of airborne irritants.

Recommended reading: The Canary in the Courtroom, by Jessie MacLeod.  This engrossing book takes us through the mire of successful litigation by one who was poisoned by negligence of a pesticide company.

The source of the carbon in the Honeycomb Mask with activated carbon filter is steam activated from a bituminous coal base. Most customers with MCS can tolerate this filter. For other options e-mail Adrien.   Watch our web site for new products.

Francine of Santa Fe, NM, wrote: "I've been virtually homebound for many years with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, chronic sinusitis, and chronic bronchitis. Since I started using my Honeycomb Mask, I've been able to get out a lot more. The carbon filter does a good job of keeping pollen, chemicals, dust, and mold spores from entering my sinuses and lungs (which can lead to severe reactions).Because of decreased lung capacity, I always felt like I was suffocating in all the masks I used in the past (except for the paper ones - but they don't work well and smell badly). The Honeycomb mask has no odor and works quite well, without causing shortness of breath. I use it when driving (to avoid exhaust fumes) and anytime I'm outdoors during hay fever season. I also use it in any group situation, when there is perfume in the air. As long as I'm wearing this mask, I have no significant negative reactions. It's been a great blessing to have found this wonderful multi-purpose mask. Kudos to its creator - Adrien."

For many useful links relative to MCS, see Resource Web Links. We are working on a comfortable organic cotton mask that may take a carbon filter. Check back for new developments.

Other MCS customers who can tolerate the polyester in the Honeycomb Mask with Carbon filter say:

Author, Lynn Lawson wears the Honeycomb Mask with Carbon filter to shield her from perfume at concerts, and her husband relies upon the I Can Breathe! Cold Weather Mask against the Chicago winter wind chill. Ms. Lawson’s book Staying Well in a Toxic World: Understanding Environmental Illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Chemical Injuries, and Sick Building Syndrome  was called "The Silent Spring of the 90's."  Her A New Millennium Update  is available: Ms. Lawson used to edit "Canary News," an outstanding newsletter which kept readers up to date on the latest information regarding environmental illnesses. 

Amy Marsh wrote: "I ended up giving the honeycomb to my I am going to order another honeycomb and extra filters. Great product you have! Thanks!" San Francisco, 10/27/98  Environmental Health Network, another terrific resource for information and action to improve our environment.

Sandra Ross, Ph.D., Health and Habitat, in a letter to the CFIDs Chronicle, Our Toxic Times, and The Reactor regarding travel aids for her 6 week European trip included: "‘I Can Breathe!’ masks... these well contoured cloth with charcoal filter masks can be worn day and night." She added, "I think that these masks are indispensable for anybody with environmental sensitivities. They can be slipped so easily into an envelope in pocket or purse for easy access and are as attractive as a mask can be."

"Neat, neat, neat!!!" Sallie Bones exclaimed on seeing the Honeycomb Mask. On use for printer’s ink, she wrote: the magazine "smells pretty awful until aired out and I have tried masks before but then I could not see as my glasses get all fogged up. Having a new edition, I struggled to read. Then I tried your mask and I can read with it on. I can also breathe with it on. Other masks have the charcoal filter, but bulk makes breathing difficult. I like the shape of this mask and am surprised nobody else used it. I’ve worn masks since about 1986 and nobody used that shape before! Also, I love the ear pieces that don’t mess with my hair-do! Congratulations–far more innovative than any of the other masks I’ve tried."

Diane Korhonin wrote about the Honeycomb Mask with carbon filter she wore on a trip to see her grandchild in Europe: "I was rewarded by using the mask–Very little jet lag. More peaceful–particularly when I arrived–a miracle!"

"In September 1997, about 11 a.m., I experienced fatigue, chills, mental confusion, and indecisiveness. After resting for two hours with no improvement, I realized there might be something in the air. I put on a Honeycomb Mask with carbon filter. Within minutes, my body warmed and mind cleared, energy returned, and I knew what to do next. After 3 p.m. I called to learn the pollution count for the day: 65 Particulate Matter. Now if I feel fatigued, chilled, and mentally foggy, I put on the Honeycomb Mask and have energy to get on with what needs doing." I Can Breathe! Inc. mask designer Adrien Bledstein, Chicago

"I want to thank you for the latest mask you sent me. As you know, I am extremely sensitive to dust, mold, and petrochemical fumes.  I use your mask whenever I am cleaning, sorting through old papers, working in an area where other people have used paints, solvents, or cleaning products.  I find that your masks not only effectively control my exposures, but are also less cumbersome and more attractive than other products I have tried.  I have recommended your products to others and will continue to do so. Thank you, Jeane Davis"

Wishing you well, Adrien

Questions or comments: in USA call 1-888-313-0123, M-F 9a-5p CST. Chicago 773-643-1062

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