Silk Lined Cold Weather Mask

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Child size masks are available in Black, Gray and Purple.

The I Can Breathe!® Cold Weather Silk Lined Fleece Mask with low resistance warms and humidifies cold, dry air. 

Beautifully hand made in Chicago, USA, the mask covers nose, mouth, and cheeks while freeing hands from holding a scarf or tissue (save money on tissues by wearing a mask!). The adjustable ear loops fit your face and are compatible with helmets, earrings, hats and scarves. Child sizes (black only).  Mask contains small parts not meant for a child under three years old. 

We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear in the store. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of any color will be accurate. For health concerns we do not take returns. We will not exchange masks because of color choice.

Please note that respiratory masks are personal products which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale. All sales are final. Masks are guaranteed for any defects in construction. Disclaimer.


Customer Experiences:

Dr. Eric Heiligenstein, M.D., Quality Management and Outcomes Research, Univ. Wisconsin, wrote: "Compared to all other masks I have tried, your cold weather mask has numerous advantages to an athlete. The inhalation resistance was minimal even at a high level of exertion (90% maximum heart rate) and did little to impair performance. The silk/fleece combination makes your mask the only one I have used that does not become rapidly saturated with moisture from exhalation. It seems like the moisture was ‘wicked’ from the silk into the fleece allowing inhaled air to be humidified but keeping the mask dry against your face. One thing I have distinctly noticed is the warming effect of wearing the mask. I require less clothing as a result. During the recent cold period I was able to ski without problems at zero degrees or below. The cold weather mask reduces the cumulative effects of being exposed to cold air."

"Thank you for creating your wonderful cold weather mask and for explaining to me it’s proper use for maintaining fog free eye glasses. I pinch and seal the mask above my nose then place my glasses on over the mask. I look forward to another Chicago winter of walking my dog fog free." Gayle A

"I commute from Naperville to Chicago. My trip begins with a one mile walk from the house to the station. The cold weather mask was amazing. It retains the heat from the expired air and warms the incoming air. It was like being in a warm room the entire walk to the station. While I stood in the platform, perhaps looking a little goofy in my mask, the macho guys around me were in agony, suffering from the icy wind. Their faces were red and they were trying to pull their heads down inside their coats. I could stand up straight and look the wind in the eye." William R. Penrose, Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology

"My son Wally just loves his mask. Last year he had to be tutored and couldn't go to school. He wears the mask to go in and out of school. So far so good. He is usually sick with pneumonia by now. We owe it all to your cold weather mask. Again I say thank you." Lori P