Curriculum Vitae: ADRIEN J. BLEDSTEIN


An educator and published independent scholar, Adrien Bledstein has led Bible study compared to ancient Near Eastern Literature with adults for five decades. Trained as a reading specialist to increase a person's independent level of reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing, she conducted a private practice for individuals, including graduate students and professional people. For publications see: 

Adrien, the "masked granny," in her patented silk comfort mask.

In the early 1990's following a viral respiratory infection Adrien began experiencing periods of fatigue. September 1994, she woke up wheezing. After several antibiotics didn't help, she was diagnosed with a chronic lung disorder. Determined to avoid triggers, she experimented with masks which increased her energy. All the masks she tried were uncomfortable, burdensome, ineffective, or ugly, so she designed her own. Mobilized by environmental illness and by the increasing incidence of breathing disorders in Chicago and worldwide, she applied for a patent and founded a corporation to produce effective, comfortable, attractive quality face masks for individuals to reduce exposure to airborne irritants and to feel good ("Getting Well"). From 2006-2008 Adrien and her daughter, Hannah Bledstein, a milliner trained in theater craft, were asked to develop a pollution sport mask for two international teams of elite athletes competing during heavy pollution in test events in preparation for Beijing games in August & September 2008.


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1997 United States Patent Number 5,701,892 December 30,

1997: "Multipurpose Face Mask that Maintains an Airspace between the Mask and the Wearer’s Face"

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Papers and Presentations:

2013 "Earthquake, Mayhem, and Prophetic Misogyny: A Seismic Shift in Biblical Thinking," International SBL, July

2013 "Princess, Priestess, and "Master" Storyteller for Teaching Bible," Midwest SBL, Feb. 9th

2013 "Psalms of David in the Context of His Life," Midwest SBL Feb. 9th

2011 Design for America, Northwestern University, workshop about developing products for coping with asthma with students from seven universities.

2011 "Performing Job as Comedy: The Trouble with Being Earnest" Society of Biblical Literature, London, Seminar on the Book of Job.

2010 Intellectual Property Law "Protecting Your Ideas," COS Law Workshop, Golder College Prep, Chicago, Fridays May 7 & October 8, 2010, Meet an Inventor: Adrien Bledstein, Founder/President – I Can Breathe!® Masks

2009 "King David's Mother" SBL Annual Meeting

2008 "Abuse and Recovery: 2 Samuel 13:1-22, Telling the Story," Society of Biblical Literature, Rome, Methods in Hebrew Bible Studies: Text and Context: New Approaches; 2008 SBL, Boston, MA Saturday, Psychology and Biblical Studies Section, S22-128 Abuse and Healing in Biblical Texts, November. Review by Robin Gallaher Branch, Professor, Biblical Studies Crichton College, Memphis

2008 "Agony, Laughter, and Healing: Performing Job as Tragicomedy," Society of Biblical Literature, Rome, Biblical Scholarship and Disabilities: Ancient Medicine and Healing Practices; 2008 Chicago Society for Biblical Research, 4/5/08

2007 "Laughter in the Book of Job?" Society of Biblical Literature, San Diego, CA, November 18th.

2006 "David’s Rupture with God, Depression, and Recovery," Society of Biblical Literature, Washington DC, November 19th

2005 "David at the Cave of Adullam: Depression and Hypergraphia," Society of Biblical Literature, Philadelphia, November 19th

2005 "'Against them, my son, be warned?' Reading Kohelet as a Satire Written by a Woman," Society of Biblical Literature, Philadelphia, November

2003 "Parallel Triangles: Bata and Uriah, Beautiful Wife and Ruler," Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, November

2002 "Zipporah at a Crossroads" Society of Biblical Literature, Toronto, November

2001 "Family Matters, a Multidimensional Reading of Miriam's Humiliation and Healing" Chicago Society for Biblical Research, 2/25/01

2000 Small Business Expert, Women’s Business Development Center, Chicago

1998 "The Meaning of a Garment and a Buildup Curse in Isaiah 22:15-25" Society of Biblical Literature, Orlando, November

1993 "Judah, the Lion, and Tamar, the Tree of Life: Excavating Genesis 38," illustrated. Chicago Society for Biblical Research, 4/17/93

1992 "Sons of Gods, Angels, and Kings: Blurred Boundaries between Mortal and Divine," Society of Biblical Literature, San Francisco, November


1995 "Effects of the Holocaust on Fatherhood: A Pilot Study of Male Second-Generation Offspring," Pamela Beth Wasserman, Ph.D. dissertation

1992 "Marginal Teachers," Ida Gross, Ph.D. dissertation

1976-2010 Articles by Burton J. Bledstein, American History

1976 The Culture of Professionalism, Burton J. Bledstein (New York: W. W. Norton)


1995-2015 Founder and President of I Can Breathe! Inc. Air Filter Masks (U. S. Patent 5,701,892)

1967-2015 Teaching Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Literature, adults, teens, K.A.M. Isaiah Israel Congregation, Chicago

1982-87; 92-95; 99-2005 Chicago Sinai Congregation, Adult Bible Study

1986-95 Teaching Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Literature, Open University for Adults, Jewish Community Center

1986-97 Readers' Academy, individual instruction in reading comprehension, critical thinking and writing, all ages

1987-94 Reading therapy for brain trauma rehabilitation

1985-89 Dawn Schuman Institute for Jewish Studies, adults

1990 Staff training for teachers, public schools

1978-86 The Reading Institute, individual instruction all ages

1972-1986 Summers, educator/librarian at Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute

1971 Designed and manufactured baby carrier, sold to Marshall Field, Chicago

1961-66 English and public speaking teacher, drama director, Pennington Central High School, New Jersey

Professional Associations

Chicago Asthma Consortium, American Lung Association

Chicago Society for Biblical Research

Chicago Storytelling Guild

National Coalition of Independent Scholars

Sisters in Crime

Society of Biblical Literature

Women’s Business Development Center, Chicago


1995-2015 Independent research on patents, environmental illness, masks and business

1969-2015 Independent research leading to publications on the Bible

1995 Seminar at the Woman’s Business Development Center, Chicago

1980 Jewish Educators' Seminar in Israel

1978-86 The Reading Institute founded by Elsa Richmond, Chicago

1976-8, 80-81 Spertus College of Judaica, Chicago (Hebrew, Bible)

1965 Lawrenceville-Rutgers Summer Session for High School English Teachers

1964 Rutgers Institute for High School English Teachers

1956-61 University of California at Los Angeles, B.A. and High School Teaching Certificate in English and Social Studies

1956-58 College of Jewish Studies, Los Angeles, Teaching Certificate 

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