Honeycomb Pollution Mask with Activated Carbon Coconut Classic Filter

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                          The Coconut Carbon filters are NOT washable.

The I Can Breathe! Honeycomb Pollution Mask can be used with either the Coconut Carbon Classic or Coconut Carbon Sport filter.  The Coconut Carbon filters are NOT washable.  To use the sport filter a set of reusable valves is required. These can be bought either as part of the Sport Kit or on this page as a separate item.

Reduce exposure to: smoke, acrid air, dust, pollution, fragrances, diesel fumes, mold and other particles. Effective for poor air quality indoors or on airplanes. A porous, lightweight, washable shell holds and seals a disposable carbon filter. Mask folds to fit in a pocket. The adjustable ear loops allow for a personal fit and long wearing comfort, even with eye glasses, goggles or a helmet. Replace filter when breathing becomes difficult or odor comes through even after pressing nose wire under the eyes. How long a filter lasts depends upon your sensitivities and environment. You can talk and be heard while wearing these masks. If one filter doesn't reduce fragrance or smoke put one classic filter inside another.

Travel: The Honeycomb Mask was designed specifically to seal the filter effectively and not require frequent washing.  The disposable activated carbon reduces exposure to the recycled air on airplanes. Customers say that the filtration reduces irritation of nasal passages and of the eustachian tube to the middle ear, thus minimizing a build up of pressure and ear pain. The adjustable ear loops allow the mask to fit almost everyone. Carry the Honeycomb Mask in your pocket or purse for handy use while touring air polluted cities.

How long a filter lasts depends upon your sensitivities and environment. Change filters when breathing becomes difficult. Adjust the ear loops to fit almost everyone with comfort. Disclaimer.

Contents of the washable Honeycomb Mask shell: Polyester and/or nylon, cotton/polyester, hard plastic. Ear loops are latex-free elastic.

Contents of the Activated Coconut Carbon Filter: The disposable filter contains activated carbon from burnt coconut shell embedded in polyester felt for body and particle filtration. The filter does not replace industrial strength respirators and is not meant for occupational exposure. This mask is not NIOSH certified.

Though rare, some people are allergic to coconut as food or oil. Check with your allergist. See alternative Organic Cotton Mask with Activated Bamboo Carbon. Check content with your medical doctor. The mask should not be worn near fire. A beard is incompatible with wearing a mask.

Please note that respiratory masks are personal products which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale. All sales are final. Masks are guaranteed for any defects in construction. Disclaimer.

 Customer Experiences"

"I have lived in some of the world's most polluted cities. So, when I was diagnosed with an intestinal disease in 2004, it was an eye-opener. To become healthy again, it was necessary for my lifestyle to change. When I discovered the "I Can Breathe" carbon filter masks I was intrigued. It is a simple affordable system, and it works! I use two carbon filters when I wear my mask on airplanes, and never have any side effects from air travel as I did in the past. I spent 3 months in India wearing the mask when I went outdoors in particularly polluted areas, and did not encounter so much as a cold, flu or any respiratory issue. I highly recommend this mask for anyone who is healthy and wants to stay that way or anyone who wants to step up their health and breathe easier." Sara B. Mill Valley, California

"Aloha, This is a repeat order. I have been wearing your mask regularly while walking around in Kailua-Kona. VOG gives us moderate pollution most of the time. Add clouds of tobacco smoke and it gets hazardous. Your mask abates these nuisances really, really well. I can breathe easily with the mask on. It is also very effective for preventing sunburn on my nose :) Your product really is miraculous." Robbie

“I am a 28 year old graduate student and before I found this mask I was unable to attend class or even travel in cars with others without becoming sick from my environment with perfumes, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, . . . and so on. The mask works great in class and also if I ever stay at a hotel with all the harsh chemicals used to clean them. Now "I can breathe" too." Chance B

"My experience with I Can Breathe masks is really about how having multiple chemical sensitivities led me to develop asthma that just wouldn't quit. At one point before starting to use the masks I continued to wheeze consistently for several months and nothing the doctors gave me could stop it completely. What finally worked was discovering I Can Breathe masks which took some of the stress load off my immune system and even helped slow my breathing rhythm. I live in a state with high pollutant exposures and way too much rag weed.
     The great thing about these masks besides blocking some of the particles and odors that tend to make me ill is they are not chemical medicines which while sometimes necessary have their own levels of toxicity.
     I Can Breathe masks have relieved my symptoms and my anxieties, life is better when I can breathe. I am functioning better in my work with the children I teach and advocate for." Deborah V, Social Worker, Educational Advocate

        "I got my mask today. I wanted to tell you I love it. I have MCS and this is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn and it's the best looking mask I have ever seen. People don't stare as much. I went to town and I felt OK when I came home. THANK YOU!!!"  Lynette A