Silk Comfort Mask

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The I Can Breathe!® Silk Comfort Mask filters nuisance level dust, grass, pollen, dander and mold. Comfortable for cleaning house, moving days, being around pets, walking outside during spring and autumn when pollen and mold spores fill the air, gardening, sewing, weaving, sleeping and exercising.

All I Can Breathe!® masks have adjustable ear loops and a pliable nose bar for individual fit and are latex free. The sleek construction of the White Silk Comfort Mask holds the fabric away from the nose and mouth so one can talk.

Please note that respiratory masks are personal products which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale. All sales are final. Masks are guaranteed for any defects in construction.  Disclaimer. A beard is incompatible with wearing a mask.

Customer Experiences:

"LOVE my [silk] mask!!! :-))) My husband has allergies, too, and now he wants one!!! He has seen what a difference this mask has done for me! I am no longer congested for two or three days after working outside. I am so grateful!" Colleen in MD

"Adrien, Just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I've been with your excellent, lightweight silk masks.  I purchased one of them and discovered immediately how comfortable and effective it was, so I ordered several more. The mask works wonders during times when substances I'm allergic to are in the air.  I've worn it for bicycling, motorcycling, working in the yard, and sleeping.  For years I tried other masks and always found them hot, uncomfortable, miserable to wear.  Your silk mask is so comfortable that I hardly notice that I'm wearing it and it does a great job of filtering out pollens and other irritants. Thanks for inventing such a great product!" Bill C

"The silk mask has helped immensely against dust when vacuuming or when the mold count is high or when it's damp or cold. The effect of wearing the mask is literally instantaneous. I stop coughing--nose stops running and so does post nasal drip.... Good luck and good breathing-- Thanks."  Maria-Lydia S. college teacher 

"The two masks I ordered last summer (silk and honeycomb) have been a God-send! This was the first fall in a long time when I did not suffer any ...[shortness of breathe] or really awful sinus problems as the weather changed. It's so good to feel so good!" Katie D. university student